Friday, July 9, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line: I don't feel like a runner.

Crossing the Finish Line: I don't feel like a runner.: "Today feels like one of those days that I say to myself (and Paul) that I don't feel like a runner. I suck! I went out after work for a 6 ..."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line: On the Track by myself

Crossing the Finish Line: On the Track by myself: "Day 3 Marathon Training by ginabina78 at Garmin Connect - Details I was scheduled for 4 miles today. Mission accomplished - barely. I hea..."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hill run in a drought

Tuesday nights with the running club are considered "Dem' Hills". It is a nice 4.7 mile loop through the streets of an affluent neighborhood and seems to be the only area in south jersey hilly and safe enough to run after work. I was able to make it into the scheduled six miles by going ahead of the wonderful company I had and then trailing back some to meet up with them a few times.

NJ is currently experiencing extreme heat. Our water pump at home busted a yesterday, it was replaced today, but the water pressure in the my neighborhood is bad. Running the hills in this 103+ degree weather renewed my sense of how fit I really am. Once I "warmed" up, I soared through the streets, hitting every sprinkler that was on and asked people out front of their houses watering their plants to "hit me" and they happily obliged.

Still had a beer and cupcakes with dinner much for cutting my caloric and alcohol intake during the week. The getting the miles in part of this training is a piece of cake, it's just not eating that cake part is tough for me.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 1 Marathon Training by ginabina78 at Garmin Connect - Details

Day 1 Marathon Training by ginabina78 at Garmin Connect - Details

The amazing Accessory Navicula!

Being off of work today for the holiday calls for a later morning run than usual. I enjoy these runs, they tend to be more for leisure than "training". Ran 3.25 miles along the common Medford Lakes 5K race loop that they use for several 5K races throughout the year. In the summer it is much hotter at 10:00am than 6:30am.

Doing 14 miles yesterday normally would of given me the day off today, but for Marathon training purposes I ran the scheduled amount of miles. I mean come on, it's only 3 and nice warmup!

When I do a long run, depending on the circumstances, an old injury haunts me. I was 16, I think, sprained my ankle on a trail run and developed an Accessory Navicula bone next to my ankle. It's an extra bone that happens to mostly flat footed adolescent girls if they use it accessively or have a trauma to the area.
It's the only thing that ails me. When it bothers me, like today, it feels like I have a big rock in my shoe when I run and when I am at rest, the pain is dull and when I walk it is very painful and stiff feeling. It usually takes me a full day for the recover from a long run. (12+ miles) It can be removed surgically, probably would make me faster in the long run (haha!) but I would have to take at least 6 months off of running, I'd rather deal with the 1 day per week of painful walking than to stop running.

So needless to say, my short run this morning was a minute slower per mile than I wanted, but better to take it easy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

20 weeks to the Philly Marathon

November 21st - 20 weeks from now I will be running my 2nd Marathon. I am starting this blog to track my training, progress, failures, ups and downs, ins and outs and thoughts about my extensive training leading up to the Marathon. Hopefully, by doing this, I will see what I did right, what I did wrong, or help someone else in a similar plight. Who knows?
I have chosen to use Advanced Marathon Training program.

I followed the Intermediate Marathon program 95% for last year's Philly Marathon and did extremely well. I still will have the Intermediate on reserve just in case fatigue gets the best of me. But for all intensive purposes, I feel that the advanced will work for me.

I am 7 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. I am also anywhere from 10-20 seconds per minute slower at my long run training pace at this time last year. (Currently 8:43 per minute per mile) This is mostly due to my eating and drinking habits. I eat very well, mostly vegetables, fruit, non-processed foods, a good balance of protein, fats, carbs and tons of fiber during the week. The weekend rolls around (Friday night - Sunday night) and my caloric intake and alcohol consumption demons turn 5 days of treating my body very well into just barely maintaining the same weight every week. With that said - with this year's training, I plan on cutting the weekend caloric and alcohol consumption days down to 1 instead of 2 or 3 days. God help me (and Paul, hehe!)

I finished last year's marathon at 4:11:40. Afterwards, I felt invincible, like I could do one after the other. The winter in Medford Lakes 2009-2010 was especially icy - so that put a damper on the idea of a spring 2010 Marathon. My goal after my first Marathon was to see if I could qualify for Boston (3:40), but right now, due to my pace slowing down a bit, I do not feel as confident. Seeing a few friends cross the finish line in Boston this year has inspired that goal to move towards, even if its not in the near future, but its something I would like to accomplish, nonetheless.

I belong to a wonderful running club, the Pineland Striders. I owe a lot of gratitude to each member of the club, they all inspire me in so many different ways. I wasn't a "joiner" before this, but after needing them to show me the way on last year's long training runs, I have come to look forward to running with them, being accountable to them, compete with them and enjoy being friends with them. Words cannot describe it, the closest thing to it can be described as a "running cult". It's much better than talking and swearing at your shadow. I also have a great running partner, Fran, whom I met a few days before Philly 2009 and it seems that now we are inseparable when it comes to running, she knows how I feel...nuf said.

I've been running whenever and wherever and however long I felt like it up until today. My milage was between 30-45 miles per week, my longest run since 2009 Philly Marathon was 16miles. At the beginning of this 20 weeks, I will be running lower milage per day/week and it will be hard for me to cut back. However, I want to find out in an honest fashion, that the training program that I have chosen works or does not work, so I must follow it.

So - 3 miles for today in the morning after I get up. That's just a warmup for me.